Thursday, October 3, 2019

What Is Your Angel Name?

What Is Your Angel Name?

It's easy to find out. Just take the month you were born
and the name associated with it.
Take the first initial of your first name
and the name associated with it.

Put them together and you have your Angel Name.

May yours bring you luck, blessings and comfort.


claudette said...

This is lovely & very interesting. My Angel name is so me!!

Unknown said...

In living memory of Margaret Bonnie wolfenburger miss and love u me and mom hope ur flying high with the angel's RIP

Enthusiasm Quotes said...

Interesting Posta
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Unknown said...

Very beautiful and it couldn't have given me a name that was directly to me!! I'm always every moment saying and am grateful for my blessings,Amen!!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Honesty
It doesn't make sense. Unless I did something wrong. Well, I've got to go, just wanted to put that out there. Thanks, Katrina 9/6/59