Sunday, December 16, 2018

Remembering my Parents in Heaven.

Remembering my Parents in Heaven,

It's sad that you're not with us at this lovely time of year,
But I have precious memories of when you both were here.
You made each Christmas special, the way it's meant to be,
and filled with your love, kindness and generosity.
You were the dearest Mum & Dad, I know that I was blessed, 
and pray that Christmas angels bring you sweet eternal rest.


Carol Yost said...

Wish you could be here with us for Christmas. But your together again so Merry Christmas Mom and Dad.Sending lots of love to you both.

Unknown said...

So true. Hope they are happy together.

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Unknown said...

Vivian Ray said:
Thank you for sharing this! Missing you during the holidays more Mom and Dad. Christmas was always so special when you both were here to celebrate the Season with us. We know you are having a big celebration in heaven together celebrating Jesus's Birthday! Merry Christmas Mom and Dad! I love you forever! See you there one day!

Unknown said...

Merry Cheistmas Mama and Daddy I Miss you so very much, wish you were with us watching all thse great Grandkids Growing up

Unknown said...

I Love and miss you both Mum and Dad GOD rest your precious Souls in Heaven Amen

Unknown said...

Wish that you both could be here for Christmas, but you are both together again now in heaven.Merry Christmas mom and dad Love & miss you both๐ŸŽ„❤️

Caleb Eudy said...

Wish you both could be here for Christmas but your Celebration of Jesus Christ's birthday this year will be together with HIM. God rest your souls and I am so happy you are together again Mother and Daddy. I will Always Love you, be thankful for you and Miss you every day!!

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Mum and Dad xxx

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas mum and dad in heaven i miss u so much at this time of year i think about u both all the time God bless๐Ÿ˜ข❤๐ŸŽ„⛄๐ŸŽ…