Monday, June 12, 2017

Swearing at work - The Memo.

Have you ever been at work and felt a little frustrated with colleagues, the management or even spoken with people who think they know your job better than you?

Yes? - Take a look at these 13 "Try Saying" phrases.

These will crack you up.

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JG said...

this was worth the read - funny and insightful.. its nice when there are alternatives to being outright 'rude' and or 'nasty'..

Anonymous said...

I don't like to cuss @ work.... I WON'T cuss @ work!!! I worked @ a certain popular grocery store & our manager ALWAYS cussed BAD!!!!! Right up front!!!! I refused!!!! She didn't mind!!!!! But, one time... I had already clocked out & ready to walk out & was checking out my items @ a u-scan!!! I dropped my can of beans!!!! I said "OH CRAP" NOT $hi... & that girl that ALWAYS CUSSED was up in the raised area, she heard me say it!!!! She said "I'm writtin' you up a pink slip!!!" I said "You can't, I already clocked out, I'm leaving my shift..." she said "Yes, I can, I just go ahead... I'll just quit!!! This place is union & u guys' never give me enough hours anyway!!! I made 15-20 hrs a week at best if they called me!!! Next day.. called.. & just quit!!! She got fired a few months later... Why I don't know.... The place may be union... But, they don't hold to their union truth!!!! I won't tell you what company they are!!!!

Unknown said...

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