Monday, June 6, 2016

Spend time with your parents.

Spend time with your parents and always remember to treat them well. Because one day, when you look up from your phone, 
they won't be there anymore.


Anonymous said...

This is so true

Anonymous said...

I love my parents so much. They both have passed on but I always cherish my memories with them because I gave my best to love and respect them. However, today, I felt so despondent, lonely and hurt. My children would rather spend time with their friends outside of our home. They do not go to church with us another more and has all the reasons not to be able to go. I think they are losing Christ just as they are losing us. They rather be in the world with their friends. I feel so empty and sad. I need them to come home and spend time with me. My 3 daughters have always been out. Though they go to school, but they could not even have time to talk with me anymore. I miss the help they give me when I get home from work. I wish they could give time to their dead tired and weary mom.

Unknown said...

This is true