Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Dog Doesn't Bite.

My Dog Doesn't Bite.

Jennifer was out shopping one day. It was a beautiful hot summer’s day and she was very thirsty so she went into a cafe.

There was a little old woman in the café, staring into space and looking a little down. She was sitting near the door at a table and by her feet, under the table, there was a small dog.

Jennifer bought a glass of lemonade and some cookies and sat down at the table next to the old woman. The old woman sat quietly. She looked so sad and lonely so Jennifer decided to try and make her feel better and started to talk to the old woman.

“It is very hot today.” she said.
“Yes, but it is nice inside here.” replied the old woman.

Jennifer looked at the dog and asked, “Does your dog like people.” The woman answered, “Oh! Yes! She adores people.”

Jennifer wanted to give the dog a cookie, so she asked,
“Does your dog like cookies?”
“Oh they are her favorite food.” replied the old lady.

Jennifer was afraid of dogs so she asked, “Does your dog bite?”

The old woman smiled and said, “NO! My dog is very tame.
She is even afraid of cats! She wouldn’t hurt a fly”

Jennifer took a piece of cookie in her hand and reached under the table. She put the cookie near the dog’s mouth, but the dog didn’t bite the cookie, the dog bit Jennifer’s hand!

Jennifer jumped up, spilling her drink and she shouted to the old woman, “I thought you said your dog didn’t bite?
It just bit my hand.”

The old woman looked at Jennifer, then looked down at the dog and replied in a stern voice,


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