Thursday, May 7, 2015

Don't wait - They may never change.

Don’t wait for years for anyone who hurt you to “make it up to you” and keep your old wounds from healing. Waiting for them to change is not the answer. They may never change. Inner peace is found by changing yourself, not the people who hurt you. And you change yourself for yourself, for your joy, your serenity, your peace of mind, understanding, compassion, laughter, and your bright future that you will get.


Donna isner dykes said...

How can you forgive a man who murdered your daughter and got away with it??????????

Unknown said...

U cant just kno one thing he did not get away wit it cuz god see all nd kno all pray just pray

Anonymous said...

This is very true. Get on with your life. People do not change and when you found out that a person is bad do not think they will be different for you. The best thing is to ask God to help you to forgive that person. You will see that day by day you will get a release that only God can give. Do not think that befriending them or going around them is forgiveness because you are setting up yourself to be a target of revenge. Letting go of hurt is a process which starts in your heart and not being a fool for anyone.