Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Lucky 4-Leaf Clover.

The Lucky Clover.

A lucky clover for you to share, bringing health and happiness to all who bear, So share this clover and you will send, LUCK, HEALTH and HAPPINESS to family and friends.


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اقوال وحكم

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That is not true. I found a four leaf clover once and it gave me no luck at all. Four leaf clovers are just as lucky as three leaf clovers. The only luck you get is finding the clover.

Unknown said...

Thank-you! It is always best to see light in every leaf aspect of Nature!

Unknown said...

I need something.

Anonymous said...

Luck is from Lucifer thus the term Lucky Lucifer its a very bad thing .. demon of luck Lepricon in Ireland or tokaloshi in africa so its nothing joyful at all same thing as saying Halloween is a Joyful festival when in fact its the celebration of all things wicked and demonic ... same thing with easter ... The rabbit and the eggs Ester and Nimrod also known as Satan ... Zues... Nimrod ... same with Valentines Day and the Celebration of Pagan Sex rituals shouldnt you all just stop being Ignorant already? Get educated !!

Daughter of The MH said...

Anonymous I totally agree with you. We are taught to simply obey The Almighty MH but there are many that don't receive or obey the word. All Praises and Glory be to the MH!


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