Thursday, February 26, 2015

In memory of parents in heaven.

I share this rose in loving memory of my parents in heaven.
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.
Our parents live on within us, always.


teri brown said...

Your parents were always so nice and good to me. Even when we got into trouble. I know your pain my friend, I feel it too. I can't wait to see you!! big virtual hugs coming your way!
May God Bless you my friend! <3

alyssa said...

that is so sweet that the second i finished reading it i said i am going to post that on my moms grave. everyone whos parents are in heaven god bless you and them. i am sorry for your lost

Anonymous said...

I lost my parents 1yr and six months apart from each other. Not a day goes by that I think about them and miss them.

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Anonymous said...

I lost my mom and loving husband within a year.I miss them both terribly.Until we meet again.RIP lovingly Jackiexoox

Anonymous said...

I lost my mum and dad 15 weeks apart and not a day goes by without thinking off them

Angie Davies said...

I lost my mother in law and my father in law within 15 weeks and I miss them every day

Anonymous said...

First Mothers Day without my Mum struggling...

Katherine baskfield said...

I lost my mother the day after my birthday and I have been so lost with out you if heaven Head visiting hours I will be there with you every day I miss you big mama love you always��

Teresa Muraska said...

Lost my parents within 17 hours of each other, almost 4 years now, miss them terribly.