Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Yellow Rose Of Friendship.

The Yellow Rose Of Friendship

The Yellow Rose is a symbol of friendship. Share this rose with your friends, even me if i'm one of them, and see how many you get back. I hope you get a dozen.

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Mary said...

The Yellow is Beautiful and, if if is a symbol of Friendship, there could not be a more fitting one. In this busy, rushed, hectic, complicated life we live today there are so many who do not really have close friends. Oh they may have casual ones who are there and then gone but not real friend. One real true friend, who stands the test of time, is a real treasure. You may not communicate for a year but when you do, you pick right up where you left off - like there was no break at all. A true friend is often closer than a brother or a sister.
I am blessed to have such a friend and have enjoyed our beautiful friendship for over 60 years. We may not be sisters by blood but we are Sisters by Heart. We know each other so well that even across the miles we sense each others needs, we can share with each other without judging or negative comments , we can laugh or cry at the least little memory. Its a friendship beyond words.
My wish would be that everyone would slow down enough to enjoy such a friend. There's nothing like it this side of Heaven.