Thursday, February 27, 2014


There is a reason they are called
i could try to explain it but until you
have one, you could never understand
just how grand they are or how grand
they make you feel.

Shared with the permission of the amazing Jane Craft.
FB/Mountain Wisdom


Anonymous said...

granchildrenand great grandchildren are the best invention ever. I always feel so loved and tired after spending time with them,

Unknown said...

You couldn't have said it no better you are so right they make you mad and then they make you happy

Robin Sears said...

They love you so much....grandchildren.

Robin Sears said...

They love you so much....grandchildren.

Unknown said...

I have 2 and love them dearly
& they gave me 7 more to "Love"

Bridget Buck said...

Bridget Buck

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DeVois Deck said...

the joy of seeing the love you gave multiplied exponentially and the love you continue to give appreciated by your thats joy eternal because it will continue on forever.

Nikki jane said...

Love being a New Grandmother to a precious 6 mth old baby girl. She's tonsa fun but I still need & want to see my daughter just as much. Nothing will ever be greater than how I feel about my daughter,what a blessing!!!