Thursday, December 19, 2013

Remembering Loved Ones

There have been many people throughout my life
who I have lost, but I am not sad.
I remember all the good times, the love, the laughter,
how we pulled together through hard times and
most of all, the feelings we shared.
I'm sharing this on my wall to remember with a smile
those special people who are no longer with me
but are forever in my heart.


Gail Kendig said...

This was beautiful David...thank you for sharing your thoughts and Love

Anonymous said...

Yes I too have lost a love of my life this will be the 2nd Christmas without spending with
them. I will always cherish every moment that was spent together. God Bless You AMH

Unknown said...

Dave, I have lost all my friends I had when I lived in NZ and some very close ones too, plus my two first born sons at 39 and 9 months, I love this today and send you lots of blessings and love

Anonymous said...

I have lost too many to even begin to name them all. But LOVE & MISS THEM ALL FOREVER & ALWAYS TILL I JOIN THEM ALL!!! ♡♥♡♥ LOVE & MISS YOU ALL