Friday, November 8, 2013

Failures are a part of life

Failures are a part of life.

If you don't fail, you will never learn.

If you never learn, you will never change.


poetbjc64 said...

True failure only comes when you stop trying. if you keep trying to succeed then it is only lessons of what not to do till you get the success you seek in life
So for me there is no such thing as failing in my life

Anonymous said...

You are wrong

Anonymous said...

Oh u are so true. When u put it that way there is no such thing as failure only if u allow it. When ya fail something ya learn from it and ya keep trying until u suceed. Ya learn many lessons and become a wiser person. I totally get wat ur sayin and u really made my day. I was lookin at the quote all fed up thinkin oh I hate failure basically cos I hate wen change happens and its not easy change. But wen I read ur msg it really give me a kick in the butt and I was like ya know wat there right failures is only lessons until ya get it right, thank u so much I really needed the confidence boost xxx