Thursday, October 24, 2013

Calm Yourself ~ The Storm Will Pass

You can't calm the storm
so stop trying.

What you can do is calm yourself.

The storm will pass.

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Anonymous said...

Blessed jesus. I have to face one storm after another and am copeing with them ( even though I don't want to but want to be through it quickly and learn many of the lessons god wants me to know to be wiser) but now I'm facing a disaster. Oh god I really need your help u r so powerful please help me with my present difficulty. Don't let anything bad happen to my father I love him so much with all my heart god help him all he's going through. Please help him in his worries and strife and that everything will be alrite with his health and that he may get better and recover well. I need your help God don't take my father away home yet he's still so young and so much to see in life. I know your always there for me God so please help him now through his difficulties and worries and let him know everything will be alrite. I'll cope with my worrying so long as he's alrite. Please everyone pray for him he might need surgery and I pray he'll be alrite through it. Amen