Thursday, July 11, 2013

Family Isn't Always Blood

Isn't always about the people in you life
who are blood relations.
It's about the people in your life who
want you to be in theirs.
It's about the people in your life who accept
you for who you are, support you in the things
you choose to do and no matter what are there
for you. It's the people in your life who love you,
respect you and who you can depend on.

Now That's FAMILY. 


Anonymous said...

How true!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My fellow men and women are my brother's and sisters. No matter what

hipoldLADY said...

It's so sad that we don't realize how true this is,until we are old.

Anonymous said...

amen 2 that

Dale Auger said...

Iam proud to call you my family

Erin said...

I've realized it now...and I'm only 36

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

That is true but you should not forget the blood that wants to be your family!!! Just because you have problems and mistakes are made you don't turn your back on your blood family! You accept apologies, give forgiveness and leave the past in the past!!!

Unknown said...

@Sheri that was said! Blessings to you!