Sunday, June 9, 2013

What Is Life about?

Life is about trusting yourself and your feelings.
Not being afraid to take chances.
It's about losing and finding special people and
learning to value all the memories you have
good or bad.
Learning from the mistakes you make and accepting
that certain people in your life will change


abigail said...

love this

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the part accepting that certain people in your life will change. Would it not mean accepting that certain people in your life won't change unless they choose to. I know a lot of people in my life that I would love changed a bit because they have a bad attitude about life. They take pleasure in hurting peoples feelings and doing things wrong to people. I haved hoped nearly forever that they would change but they haven't. I had to accept that they won't change and its only if they choose to that they will. That's why I'm so confused at it saying accept that people will change? If someone can help me out a bit because I am confused

Anonymous said...

You can't assume that a person will change, if their going to change it's because they want to not you changing them

Anonymous said...

Like the last comment cuz that is so true, never wait to see if they will change or even expect it only pray that they will.

Anonymous said...

I take it as people change as they grow - you marry someone when your young for instance and as people grow they change and want different things and so change is inevitable - for everyone. What sucks is that with that change they can't bring the people they supposively love along for the ride with them - as in most marriages result in divorces! But there are lots of examples bedsides that.

Anonymous said...

That does happen. My husband and I married young. I really loved him with all my heart and I thought he felt the same. Everything seemed fine between us I never noticed anything different. One day he decided out of the blue that we should break up. After 5 years of marriage I was shocked. Then he wouldn't give me a reason just it was over and that was it. Were seperated a year and he still never came back. I still can't figure out what was wrong. So now I see that he was the problem and not me. I can't read his mind to know what he wants when he won't tell me. He never even bothered about my feelings or the kids he was just selfish to want a free single life for himself

Anonymous said...

Change doesn't have to always be negative, sometimes change is good. I think we just have to accept the good along with the bad and learn from it... Im 46 and im still learning.

assekkour hafsa said...

mmmm,for me i totaly agree with you,that sometimes people change ,they will pass and look at you as they ever known you ,as you wasn't existing in their life and that's hurt me but we shouldn't care to that too much cuz if they really love us ,they wouldn't do that.....

Anonymous said...

I am not a psychologist or priest, but people do change in life. As we grow older, hopefully we grow wiser..society alone will bring change into our lives and we change accordingly. Some people are one way when they are 25 and another way when they are 45 or 65.

We cannot stay immature all of our lives. We need to change, to grow as we learn.

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