Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Greatest Gift

Showing respect for women is one of the greatest
gifts that a father could ever give his son.


Anonymous said...

Men like this would be well appreciated. It shows they have been raised up properly. Some may find it old fashoin but I well respect- men that can set a good example to there sons. By them treating women with respect- there sons will follow in there footsteps and know how to treat a woman properly. Nowadays though they seem kinda rare to come by. Men think they can treat women like dirt and have no value of there feelings and they do take very bad advantage of women. Fair play to the men out there that has manners and can treat a woman properly. U will make many people proud in your life and you will also be well respected of your good example

Anonymous said...

So few good boys / men left.
Lead by example, and your young man will grow to be strong , supportive and caring. Raising your children to know Jesus is the key. Love is what makes it all happen.


Anonymous said...

Amen. May god strengthen men all over the world and teach them to be loving and caring and help them to be the way god wants them to be in life. Love, kindness, patience, caring. Amen

roxanne pullan said...


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