Sunday, May 12, 2013

When Someone We Love Dies

When someone we love dies, the hardest part is not letting
go of someone we have lost, it's finding the strength
and courage to move forward without them


mina said...

So true!!!

Tabitha said...

so true!!!

Anonymous said...

That's so true!!1

Anonymous said...

this is so true your love one will always be with you, in spirit, my son passed on in 1991 and its just like yesterday. But hes not here physically, love you Dave, Thanks

Kathy said...

Oh how very very true. My greatest loss was my oldest brother. He committed suicide in 1990. Unless a person has lost someone in that manner truthfully no one can imagine the pain. Losing someone naturally whether due to disease of just the end of the life journey it hurts but in no way the same. Just thought I would share that as others that have had the experience will more than understand.

Anonymous said...

this is true my Dad passed away a mouth ago. i still pick up the phone and call him. I still say lets go take Dad fishing or to the park or car show. i know he is with us always. IMY Dad

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