Monday, May 20, 2013

When A Friendship Is Born

When a friendship is born, there is no certificate of proof.
There is just a feeling inside that your life has changed and
you ability to love and care for another person has increased,
without any effort on your part. It's amazing.

It's like having a tiny home in your heart and having the
perfect person move in with you. It's friendship everlasting.

If you have true friends, SHARE this on your wall and
the right people will know you are speaking about them
because they will fee the exact same way about you.


Anonymous said...

Yes how simply true, I had a true and loving friend exactly the same way it was a connection at first sight all the little things that we done for each other make everything so perfect, here's to you Big A on Bass as he would say, miss you baby

Anonymous said...

Its strange how things never come about that was suppose to have happened,we try and plan our future, but you just take one day at a time, sometimes people think that they want something but then they realize that that's not what they want after all a good friend gave me this advice

Anonymous said...

Why do people live in a world that's called fantasy world, my family and I talk about this all the time. Why won't people except things and move on everyone is not a saint sometimes one is just not enough for some people for all those who have on blinders take them the hell off right now, this goes out to all the gullible,naive young stupid people

Anonymous said...

I share this 100%

Anonymous said...

Dave you are so inspiring with your words, can't tell you how they keep the day going

Enukpere, A.O. said...

Dave, keep this good work on. May God grant u more grace 2 inspire your world.