Friday, May 10, 2013

People Soon Forget

Some people seem to forget about all the times you have
helped them out, however it seems they only remember
that one time you didn't.

Sometimes, friendships, relationships can be hard and those
people we hold dear can tend to forget all the help.
It's hard but try not to judge them, eventually
they will remember how good you actually are.


Anonymous said...

How true

Anonymous said...

This is very true.x

Anonymous said...

something to reflect on....hey you! read this!

Unknown said...

This is so true.

Anonymous said...

this could have been written with me/my partner and a certain somebody else in mind!

1335sj said...

This is what I'm dealing with and it hurts, you can only give so much,you put yourself on the line for someone and they act like you are dirt.

Anonymous said...

Just like me at the moment this says it all

Anonymous said...

Well, you're not dirt, and the sooner you know that, the better off you'll be! We teach people how to treat us.

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