Friday, April 12, 2013

I Feel So Lonely Without You

Lonely Without You.

I feel so lonely without you,
everything makes me think of you.
The places we sat, the places we kissed,
It all reminds me of how you are missed.
I feel so sad without your smile,
for when I saw it, I knew you were mine.
And I'll always remember, how we were,
nothing else will ever compare.
I feel so sad, so please come back,
A dream I have daily, I need you so bad.

I really Miss You xx


Anonymous said...

To remember all the happy times life still has much in store. Since you'll never be forgotten I pledge to you today a hollowed place within ours hearts is where you'll stay for my one and only this goes out to you and I know that you that you are looking down from that beautiful mansion that you are in making sure that I am alright down here, It's days when I can feel your arms around me, hoping that you were still here I LOVE YOU I MISS YOU AH The Holy Spirit knows who this is

Anonymous said...

The warmth of that hug and kiss, of the memory are stronger and longer and always will last and I know that wherever you've gone your still here and these memories will last forever. Your sweetie pie

Anonymous said...

Go get a life to all those that have written this its sickening

Anonymous said...

No time can heal the loss of a loved one.All u can do is push forward n hope things get better in time.Keep the memories alive and cherish every moment spent.

Anonymous said...

To the one that I cherished, since you've been gone it has been a void there will never be anyone like this person, life gone much to soon, but who are we to question God as to when why where. I still cherish the special moments, this was our time and our time only our own little hide away place as we use to say to one another

Anonymous said...

I dedicate this to my ex husband Raynall who is & will always be my first true love

arlene said...

I dedicate this to my husband Al Hood. who is and will be the love of my life

Anonymous said...

He will never be there at all so miss him all you want

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