Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Handle Stress Like A Dog...


In today's modern world it is becoming a bigger factor in
our lives and can actually cause some serious health issues.

I have been in such stressful situations during my life and I have
reached a point where I needed to change the way I reacted
to stress before I became consumed by it.
The above poster may be made with a "tongue in cheek" message,
however there is wisdom in the words and sometimes we
simply need to change the way we deal with stress
and simply walk away from it.

Try it - It's empowering and therapeutic.


Anonymous said...

Is this suppose to be a spiritual site. Wow this sounds as ignorant as this saying on here says, it sounds just like trash

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you do need to walk away from a stressful situation and let things change as it will usually be better for you.

Anonymous said...