Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Success Doesn't Come Easy

There is no elevator to success.
You have to take the stairs.

This is so very true. A lot of people want success now but tend
to forget that every successful person, venture or opportunity
will need hard work, determination and desire to become
a real success.

Success if always achieved if you put the work in...


Anonymous said...

Yes there is so much that I want to accomplish, but I know that patience has to come with that too, so I am praying that one day that I will be there

Anonymous said...

hi Dave..I am from Malta[Josephine Pisani] love your pages..yet I have noone to share them with.Fb is a s...of..b...h! I WONER IF YOU COULD SEND SOME PEAPLE OVER TO ASK FOR MY FRIENSHIP??Got only one friend..ANN JONES.Thank you..keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

What about the handicaps? No success for them?