Friday, July 25, 2014

Keep The Candle Burning For Those We Love.

Keep a candle burning for all the people we have loved and lost in our lives.

Let's keep this burning all around the world. 


Anonymous said...

RIP by American warriors=God's speed toward the light and may he be there to greet you into his holy Kingdom. Peace and Grace upon your most sad and grieving loved ones-RIP. I am so sorry you had to, but Thank You for paying the ultimate price for America and the Light

Unknown said...

RIP - my beautiful boy - oct 5/79 - june 10/10 - you were and are the love of my life .... i miss you so much every day.... your spirit and presence is here in our house I feel you here... I miss you so much.... xoxooxo love mom u died too young and i'm so sorry for all the pain you went through and I'm so sorry I was not here when you needed me most at that time of your life when you felt you had to end it.. i will never forgive myself for not being at home..... that morning... I love you so much... Rest in Peace my dear son... Shaun D. Sandy..... I love you mom

Mommy said...

RIP my loving little Austin who was taken way to soon. To think it has been 3 1/2 yrs and the pain still feels like yesterday. You would have been 10yrs old and playing with your sister who is 12. She too feels that there is a piece of her missing too. I can't believe how such little time you were in our lives you touched our hearts. Just so you know little buddia we are surviving through life and smile everytime we feel the wind blow because it reminds us of you dancing around us like you always did. We do well because of God. So when you pass him up there please hug him and say thank you. Emma and I were so blessed to have you in our lives and our lives will never be the same without you. We love and miss you so very very much!! - Mommy & Emma

Austin Michael Allen Martiny
Dec 2,2000-June 27,2009

Anonymous said...