Thursday, February 14, 2013

Second Chances

A second chance doesn't mean anything if you
never learned the lessons of your first mistake.


Anonymous said...

Thank God I am not too old to still learn.

Anonymous said...

How about some wisdom for grand daughters and grandson

Anonymous said...

At times we Elders are not sure of the interests the younger generation has. That is due to the high technology that abounds.
So as not to bore you with information we want to impart - we would love to have our youth ask us about things they are curious to know. That is much more exciting to share. It then becomes an adventure for both of us.
If we see things that we feel will be valuable in the near or distant future - I hope our youth will be eager to sit and listen knowing that we love and care so much for them and want to avoid them making errors. When you care you share !! You never know when some small bit of information can make a huge difference for you or family or a friend.
Knowledge is power - learn all you can from everyone who takes the time to share it with you.
You are never too young or old to learn something new and of value.