Sunday, November 25, 2012

What Is Life All About

What Is Life All About?

Life is about trusting yourself and your feelings.
Not being afraid to take chances. Its about losing and finding
special people and learning to value all the memories, good or bad.
Its about learning from the mistakes you make and
accepting that certain people in your life will change.

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Anonymous said...

Life is about where you were born and the genetic hand you are dealt. If you were born into a struggling 3rd world family, or were born to develop terminal childhood cancer, then the very notion that your life has some kind of special purpose is simply laughable at best. It is only those who are fortunate enough to be born into a 1st world country with plenty to eat, a nice house, unchallenging friends & family, and the ability to contemplate their specialness to the universe that think they have more meaning than everyone else, the people that essentially really delude themselves into thinking life has a purpose at all, over and above the obvious DNA distribution systems that we are. And the notion of gods is a human invention to make us all feel fuzzy and warm about an afterlife that doesn't exist. Ask 7 billion people what heaven is to them and you'll largely get 7 billion different answers that have an infinite range of options. If there was one god then we'd all be led to follow the same one by a unique and unequivicle set of scriptures that would have no deviation whatsoever. So by the very fact that the human race has developed around a thousand deities and theologies proves there is no one god guiding anything, or anyone, so, as soon as we get over ourselves and treat the entire race as a family in the same house then we can move forward, stop killing, start feeding, and make every single life as important as the next, and make selfishness illegal, along with sub-machine guns for a-holes :-P