Monday, November 12, 2012

Strong People

Strong people always have their lives in order.
Even when they are sad, and with tears in their eyes,
they still manage to say "I'm OK" with a smile

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Anonymous said...

People always tell me what a strong person I am. I lost one of my twin sons 5 yrs. ago at the age of 20 in a car wreck. Six days later I lost my mom to a massive heart attack sitting in church. 5 weeks after that I lost my Mother-in-law to stage 4 breast cancer.
The only words I have to people is to live one day at a time. Cherish the memories that you have of the family & friends that you have lost. Love the family & friends that you still have and never be afraid to tell them everyday that you love them and how important they are in your life. You will always have the grief in your heart for the ones you have lost. Just remember... You will see them again and what a glorious day that will be! We love & miss you Justin, Momma Cat, & LaVerne. Keep shining down on us!