Thursday, June 7, 2018

If You Experience Some Of These Symptoms, You Are Emotionally and Mentally Exhausted.

In today’s world where everyone aspires to get rich, powerful and famous, our lives have become mechanical by following the same hectic schedule and lifestyle. The increasing hunger for materialistic needs is making us work day and night, leading us to a state of emotional and mental exhaustion.

We do not understand the fact that the real fun is not just reaching the destination; it is enjoying the journey as well. However, we are in such a hurry to achieve the goal that we forget to enjoy our journey and this has an adverse effect on our lives and mindsets. We are getting emotionally and mentally drained and the sooner we recognize this problem and sort it out, the better it will be for us.

In this article, we will look at 9 signs which show a person is emotionally and mentally drained!

1 - Getting irritated quickly

Getting irritated quickly is one of the signs of being emotionally and mentally drained. This shows that a person has lost mental peace and it doesn’t take much for them to get irritated. They are busy finding faults in others, their work and things around them. They has become an epitome of negativity and smile has become a thing of past. This state of mind proves that not everything is well in life and there is something which is constantly troubling them.

2 - Anger is your middle name

A person who gets irritated easily also starts getting angry promptly without any solid reason. People begin to maintain distance from such a person as nobody wants to get involved in unpleasant situations. An angry person always makes more mistakes than a person who is calm and composed. Such a person starts losing friends and well-wishers as people generally prefer to avoid the company of a short-tempered guy or girl.

3 - Losing focus

Once a person starts getting indulged in petty matters, much of their time goes in either quarrelling with someone or whining about something. They are not that old person anymore who was focused and disciplined, whose priority used to be their work and who wanted to enhance their skills regularly. This is the point from where they will no longer be the one who always tried their best to excel in their work field or taking care of their loved ones.

4 - Always feeling fatigued

Feeling tired and feeling fatigued are two different concepts; while a person can get rid of tiredness by giving sufficient rest to his body, it is not the case with fatigue. Fatigue can be called the absence of zeal, enthusiasm and passion from the person’s life and no amount of rest can take care of this because it is mental and not physical.

5 - Insomnia

It is a condition in which a person is not able to sleep and it further increases the problem of fatigue. They want to sleep but as they try to sleep, some thought comes to their mind and they start worrying about it. It will result in loss of sleep and this state has an adverse effect on a person’s body and mind.

6 - No motivation

A person who is emotionally drained or mentally exhausted will also lose their motivation. There is hardly anything in the world that can motivate them and it will naturally have an adverse effect on their productivity as well as personal life. This is the time when they should give their body and mind some rest, do introspection and then make a new start.

7 - Tears come into eyes quickly

When a person becomes very weak emotionally as well as mentally, even a small incident can bring tears into their eyes. In any given situation, they feel that they are helpless and they are not even in a position to handle the day-to-day stress. This condition is very harmful as it will further lead the person into a state of hopelessness.

8 - Hopelessness

In this state, a person has no hope left whatsoever with their life, with themselves or with their family members. They goes on to assure themselves that nothing right will happen with them no matter how much they try to change things and this is the point from where they will curse their destiny, luck etc. for their condition.

9 - Detachment

The concerned person stops feeling anything, whether good or bad. The emotions that they used to experience when they faced certain type of situation in life are now absent. This can be called a type of depression, the only difference being that in depression, a person feels low because of an emotion while in this case, they feels low because of the absence of an emotion.

If you can Identify with the above then here are some tips on how to improve things…

1 - Find the source of the problem

Try to find the source of the problem because of which you are feeling emotionally and mentally drained. It is absolutely necessary that you find the exact cause of your condition because then only a proper solution can be found out. It’s also necessary that you keep an optimistic approach that helps greatly in recovering from even the biggest and serious issues.

2 - Talk to your family

Your family must be by your side during the whole bad phase and if you talk to them about your problem, they will try their best to help you find the solution. This will also improve the relations between you and your family members and bring an end to loneliness.
3 - Give importance to yourself

Usually we have seen that people are more worried about the project deadlines, client satisfaction, achieving their goals, etc. but it is the time when you should give more importance to yourself than any other thing. The reason being pretty simple; what is the use of achieving all the glory of the world if your health suffers heavily and your survival becomes difficult? In simple words, set your priorities and work according to them.

4 - Make positive changes

There are some factors in life which can be controlled and changed by you and if you feel that a change is inevitable, go for it. However, don’t try hard to change or whine about those things which are not in your control. Try to swim with the flow until you don’t become strong enough to swim against the tide.

5 - Recognise and work to your strengths

Introspect, try to recognize your strengths and work on them to develop them more. Also try to check what your limitations are and how you can get over them. If you feel that you need help, don’t hesitate in talking to people because even if you don’t get help from them, you may get to learn the lessons of life.

6 – Believe your condition will improve

If these steps are followed, there will be improvement for sure and the person will not consider his condition to be too bad to get better. But what is more important is that he needs to lift up his emotions and feel happy. Life is uncertain and it may bring more problems for you but the person has to face all of them bravely.


Anonymous said...

I think if I read one more article, "self-help" column or advice piece that includes "reach out to your family and/or friends as you can't do this alone", I may lose it completely and irrevocably! If I had a family member or a friend who gave a shit I might have a chance! I don't! Reading that "I can't do this alone" but knowing I am completely alone really, really does not help at all. And they can't figure you why the suicide rate is up?

Anonymous said...

Reach down deep inside yourself and make a new friend - help someone else - join a group or take up a hobby - It does really help. Been there from time to time - It really helps.
signed "concerned"

Anonymous said...

5:20pm, start a chat and find someone that does care. There is someone who will care. By the sound of your message, you know how to see threw the real people and the fake people so just find it that way. This chat can stay just a support chat for you or meet if you both so chose. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous.. Being alone is hard but please if you need a friend.. walk in a church, meet people.. Talk to them and let them pray with you. Trust me. Don't be shy. Let them know you feel distraught. I recommend a Bible teaching church...The Church of the Nazarene denomination is the finest in my book.
Please share your fears and the intercessors (the prayer warriors)will intercede for you when you can't muster up the words. Suicide is not the answer. The Lord Jesus loves you. He and his church (the people who love him) will help you!! Love you!!

Kathy Pettijohn said...
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Shebou19 said...

I feel the same way, I can feel alone in a room full of people.

Anonymous said...

The feeling of being alone in a crowded room is my usual. It has happened to me several times. It makes you feel alone, forgotten and useless.
You say turn to church...That is an easy thing to say. The church I was a member of abandoned me. When an ilness set in an left me paralyzed on my right side, no one from the church responded or showed any concern.. The church members were aware of the situation but no calls, nothing. It seems being a member of the church was meaningless; they only want your money. While on this subject, I have lost faith in God. It seems no matter how much I prayed, he gave no response or help, the situation only gets worse.

It is easy for you to say, go and make new friends. When you come from a home that was filled with mental, physical, and sexual abuse you learn very fast not to trust people. You learn to survive, learn how to hid pain, anguish, feelings and emotions. I have never had best friend, never had a close friend I could talk to. I have lived this way for 60+ years.

In conclusion, don't preach about God, church and new friends unless you walked in the pesons shoes, know their feelings and know what they went through.

Voice in the wild said...

For me, what helps is to actually be alone. I give too much of myself ALL the time and there is seldom anything left to fuel ME. When I am alone, I can let my batteries recharge and focus on the things I am doing and the things that my body is doing. It's always been my job to mediate family disputes and to make everyone around me content and at peace and it's tiring. Some people are fueled by other people and some people are drained by other people. To me, it's about finding what fuels you. In my opinion, the most important part is to shut off influences that distract from recharging (like world news...terrifying, but what can I do about it?). If you want to talk to people, find someone to talk to (online is good, they don't come eat your groceries and you can turn them off). If you don't want to talk to people, turn your phone off and write, paint, craft, read a book; something that's going to help you just breathe and reset your head. Meditate if you can. Find a happy place, even if it's just inside your head; go there when you can.

Jon David said...

Sorry...but there is no solution to my problems.

Jackie Hinkins said...

Gaining support to change thoughts by being able to see and understand differently at any age

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake:
All the advice in the world can only get folks who are totally abandoned and alone so wound up because those "spouting" the "good advice" speak from stupidity or naivety.
Forgive them, they have not got the knowledge of how a sufferers pain or experience felt.
Only those who have been to hell and back IN THE SAME WAY
& have suffered the same emotional damage are qualified to exchange, commiserate or advise.
Each and every damaged one of us has to find our own way through the rot to find a inner peace that no-one else can touch or take away.
and THAT is so hard to do and maintain with all the sociopaths and narcissists in the world, a lot of them in the Healing or Advice industry, believe it or not.