Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What's Your Halloween Story?

What's Your Halloween Story?

This is really good fun and really easy to find out.

Just take your birth month and the caption for it,
your birth date and the name associated with it 

and your zodiac sign and the caption for it.

Put those 3 together and you have your Halloween Story.
(if required, click on the image to enlarge)
May your Halloween be a happy and safe one.

Poster shared with the permission of the talented Nikki Burnette
You can find many other truly amazing images to enjoy at her amazing website 


Trina Flynn said...

My Halloween story!

I Screamed at a poltergeist beside a bubbling cauldron :)

shawneemae said...

Mine is I screeched at a Wraith in an Enchanted Castle. Heheheeee

Judy Cormier said...

I spooked a mummy in a fast broomstick

Judy Cormier said...

I spooked a mummy in a fast broomstick

Fran Egan said...

going to give this a try

Anonymous said...

This is so funny with 7 kids in my Parents house hold. The match would give us a fantastic story for our friends to put together. My mom would laugh so hard, and I know my siblings would do the same. HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2015, BE VERY SAFE ON YOUR OUTINGS ON THIS SPOOKY NIGHT.

Sherry Drainer said...

I pranked a bat in a spooky forest

heather koudys said...

I slinked away from a zombie in a frightening fog.

Isis Lial October 28, 2015 at 7:43 am said...

My Hollween Story !

I frightened a pumpkin king at a masquerade party.

Anonymous said...

mine says, "I pranked a witch in a haunted house."

Sharon Beeke said...

I spooked a hobgoblin in a coffin….LOL

zelda628 said...

I pranked a goblin in a spooky forest