Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stay Away From Negative People

Try to stay away from those people who talk bad all the time,
because they carry with them a negative spirit.

The reason they do is simple ~
they are not happy with who they are.

Don't let these people drag you down with them.

Stay Positive.


Asian Charm said...

Absolutely correct :)

sabrina looney said...

This saying is so true.. I some people like this ..

Alberto Bute said...

The truth and nothing but the

Trina C Bradlee said...

Soooo True!

shirley potter said...

So very true & I've actually said almost the exact thing to my youngest daughter but it just never seem's to get thru her hardhead!!!

Anonymous said...

and what do you do with those that have to talk about the bad stuff? do you ignore them? block them out? recession is bad. over population is bad. government corruption is bad. pollution is bad. child abuse is bad. i could go on and on..... do we ignore those who talk about it? do we ignore all of that stuff????
hiding from the bad. ignoring the bad. blocking out the bad. that does not help. it's up to all of us to face the bad and change it to good. this includes people, environment, government, countries.....the world.

Anonymous said...

Yes maybe the negative people are the messengers asking for help to clean up this dirty world we live in.

Anonymous said...

Well said! May GOD bless you.

Anonymous said...

I kicked them out of my car, can not respect me or my wife then bye bye have a wife and try to make it a positive one. cause it didn't work with me.

Anonymous said...

My daughter finally woke up.

Anonymous said...

Stop making excuses for your bullshit negativity.
You aren't doing or going to do shit by being negative and bitching or listening to it.
Take the most simple, child abuse. You haven't done shit.
What's listening to bitching going to do? LOL. Nothing.
Yes, you can look at child abuse in a positive light. "How can I help the child" not "Omgggishhh sooo saddd sooo baddd".
Fuck your ego. Stop making other people's pain about your self righteousness, and making excuses to be a bitch in the process.
No one needs it. It doesn't help a thing.
Walk the walk, don't talk the talk, if you need something that rhymes.
It's not called blocking out the bad, it's stop bitching and stop hanging around bitches. Simple.

Anonymous said...

It sickens me to see this type of post. Please understand why I say these things. Avoidance or rejecting anyone is not the answer. Negative people got that way by being hurt badly by not being listened to, by not being cared about and rejected way too many times in there lives. Sadly, when we avoid a type of person just because we find then repugnant or not worthy of our compassion. We also close the door to helping them by imposing our values on them. So singling out people by avoiding them reinforces their reason for being negative. Why not try the other approach. Try and understand them and why they are who they are. Show them by being a whole person filled with peace and love and able to actually care "without buying into there negativity". You don't have to take their attitude home with you. All people our worthy of being cared about. Why not them? You could very well change their life by just showing that you are able to care instead of showing that you fear or reject them for how they act. Try to understand why. They are more than likely very hurt and lonely people. Avoiding them only sets them so much further away from everyone else. Making it almost imposable to help them or influence their attitude. But with a touch of kindness and a whole lot understanding in your heart, you could actually help. Don't treat them with fear or loathing for their type of people you see them to be. See how that sounds! And telling others to avoid them, only makes matters worse for them. I know.. I have been one of those people. At times, I'm still one of those people. Just ask me. I'm just like tens of thousands of others, I have C-PTSD and it sucks to have it. But who cares? We are negative and afraid people at times. So! Now that we know this, do we reject our returning veterans, victims of long term domestic abuse or rape. Why don't we also include the survivors of prolonged and excessive child abused while we are at it.. Most of those people can be tossed away while we are at it. Is that what we teach people today.. Go ahead, be a cold hearted self-serving, self, protecting uncaring dolt. While your at it. Why don't you also hate everyone that is not just like you.. That seams to work for so many others who fear for the safety and salvation. Damn! And you fear people like me.. That's a hoot..As it looks to me, I'm the one who should be running from people like you. Not the other way around..