Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dads Empty Chair At Christmas.

What I'd give if I could say,
"Hello Dad" in the same old way.
To hear his voice and see his smile,
to sit with him and chat for a while.
So if your Father is still here,
cherish him with care,
for you'll never know the heartache
until you see his empty chair.


Unknown said...

And my mom's. I miss both my mom and dad!

Always alone said...
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Always alone said...
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Always alone said...

Please treasure loved ones in your life you never know when you'll see them again

Unknown said...

December 30th 1988, my son was 1 years old. On that day, i could'nt know that on january 14th 1989, 3 weeks after, that my dad would die. My dad had plans with his grand-son, pick him at home and go at his house and try make him learn to know a truck.. loll. But i think dad new he was going to leave things he said..Yes he new because the year before he saw a cardiologist without telling us.... 30 years since he left us. Is heart was tired, that he decide to let go. He was lucky because he was sleeping, so he went peacefully. He never new my Daughter, and his great grand-daughter soon to be here and my niece.... I often wish he could be here when Mary will be born at the end of december.. yes the end of december. Life is beautiful, but could be so cruel sometimes... Love you Dad, hope you see your great grand-daughter from your cloud... I hear you, playing music... Love you to piece xxxx

Ness said...

Although i moved away from my home town in 1992 I always went home every year for Christmas. Sadly my rock, my hero, my Dad passed away May 2017 and I haven't been home for Christmas since.
I have treasured memories of the whole family at this wonderful time of year but man, I really do miss you Daddy xxx

Anonymous said...

5 years ago my mom had to have emergency surgery to remove a blood clot. My dad wasn't able to be there because of issues he was having with both of his feet due to poor circulation. It kept him from doing a lot of things like farming. Which he loved. So back to the story. He wasn't able to stay by himself because he could have fallen so I went over around 10 that night to stay with him. The TV was off and the phone wasn't ringing like it would be if it was day. No one was coming or going to the house. Daddy and I sat for about 3 hours just talking. We got a call from my brother saying they were keeping mom and doing surgery the next morning. Daddy told me if I wanted to stay to go climb in a bed. I could hear him pray up until the time I fell asleep. He was going to have surgery to strip his veins in his legs the following Tuesday. He had surgery and died peacefully Friday. I wouldn't trade my sleep over with him for nothing.

Unknown said...

To all my family and friends your not here with me but im thinking of all of you i love and miss you all so much this is espically for warren covell i wish i had known you sooner i beleive what you told me and wish i had listened to you merry christmas dad and everyone else

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Just lost my father in law

Unknown said...

I lost my dad november 30th,2018
He had years of health issues.
His kidneys shut down and he had a heart attack as a result.
I miss him so very much, i cried for days then ive kinda been in a place in my mind im not sure of.
People say you never heal from the pain it just becomes a part of you.
My dad was my hero, no matter how i grew that man always appeared 7ft. Tall to me.
He taught me to always be proud, he shaped who i am today...i love and miss you so very much dad

Mary M3 said...

My heart breaks knowing he won’t be here with me! The rock of our Family! I miss watching Browns games with him! I just miss him..... 08/02/18

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