Sunday, September 16, 2018

PLEASE READ - Your Blood Pressure According to Your Age.

We all know that understanding blood pressure & maintaining healthy readings are important for our overall health and longevity. After all, it’s one of the most talked about indicators of health, particularly when it comes to the heart.

Do you know what your blood pressure numbers mean? Compare your measurements to the chart above and make sure you have regular check ups with your Doctor or healthcare professional.

The above are only guides and blood pressure can vary from person to person and we all have specific individual needs - Seek medical advice if you have any concerns.

Take no chances with your own health!


Unknown said...

good information

Unknown said...

This is good to know thank you.

Lagos Job said...

Highly inspiring. Thanks

Anonymous said...

And those older than 64 ?

Linda Lou said...

Yes, interesting. From what source do these numbers come from?