Sunday, October 27, 2013

Depression, Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Depression, anxiety and panic attacks
are not signs of weakness.

They are signs of trying to remain
strong for far too long.

Would you post this on your wall for just a day?
Most people will because they understand
and support those who have been through it,
who are going through it and have even
been through it themselves.

Let's share support for mental health awareness
and show those who are suffering they are not alone.
1 in 3 of us will suffer with this at some point in our
lives and will need love and support.


Elizabeth J. Neal said...

Grounding sounds interesting. I'll try it soon. I hate myself every time I experience panic attacks. Thanks for sharing. This also help me a lot..

Anonymous said...

Wow. The cliffhanger has been linked to the person. You are very funny. I think the chapters to this storyline have to end. You were great to talk with and enjoyed our conversation. But I am not morom and tho I have many friends who are I also have many who are of others who believe in different ways. Ms