Sunday, September 14, 2014


People say my morals are old fashioned. I say my morals are simply a sign that I was Brought up Properly.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is so true. I know I'm only young but I was brought up old fashoin and people try to make a laugh of it. I don't listen because I was brought up properly and with being old fashoin is more mannerly and you have more respect- for yourself and for others so how can you make a laugh of that. Its better than being out of control and no rearing put in u

Anonymous said...

Society Stinks Today , this no longer matters, Crazy is ok Today. to many Fear Cps , me who cares I'm the Mom not Cps or the Govt

Anonymous said...

me too, someone i used to work with once said this to me, she said i wasn't like the others in my generation and that i was an 'old soul', to me it matters to respect our elders and not make fun of those less fortunate, and to have manners. yes, its a shame, we are a dying breed