Monday, March 25, 2013

Judging People - Why Do It?

Calling someone ugly won't make you beautiful.

Calling someone stupid won't make you intelligent.

Making someone miserable won't make your life happier.

So, Why Do It?


Anonymous said...

This sounds so sad, no one should have to feel like this. We are all of God's children everyone is beautiful, intelligent, and he wants everyone to be happy, smile let the world know that you are a child of God

Anonymous said...

yes, sad indeed people hide behide their words to in order to make themselves feel better there are many people out there hurting. people busting out of their souls trying to find a way to fit in & yet others not seeing that a person is in duet need of friendship . We as people need to reach out & love one another in truth. don't be selfish & think only of yourself cause one day the person you finally decided to reach out to may no longer be in this life any longer, there for its to late. respect others let them go home with a happy heart instead of a sad one. love each other the way Gos created us to be thru Jesus Christ...amen!

Anonymous said...

Show that your worth yourself first
How can you expect others to do something you won't do first?