Saturday, March 30, 2013

Being There For Someone When They Need You

Sometimes, when someone you care about is crying,
it's better not to ask them why.

Sometimes it just takes three little words to make
them feel better, and those three little words are.



Anonymous said...

It's good when u have friends, family, and a love of your life someone you can truly count on that's when u know who's real and sincere, I know at times we walk around with blinders on sometimes as they say you will who is here for u again I like to thank my friends and family for being there for me when I had a horrible tradegy happen to me. And thank u God. In memory of my AH

Anonymous said...

How well do you truly know people?

Lovely said...

The ones you adore will stay with you

Anonymous said...

I remember the days of the past with a smile, those memories spring like he hands of a dial and at once I am back there with you and your arms fold around me and I feel so blessed by your charms. The warmth of that hug of the memory past,are stronger and longer and always will last and I know that wherever you've gone, you will still be here and these birthday memories will last the full year