Thursday, February 28, 2013

A True Friend

A True Friend.

A true friend doesn't care if your rich or poor, if your being an ass,
what you weigh, what you look like, if your house is a mess,
what car you drive or if you have a family of crazy people..!

Your conversations will pick up where they left off, even if
months have passed by. They will be there for you when you
need them the most and despite your faults, will love you with
all their heart and cherish the times spent with you..!

Please feel free to share with your special and TRUE friends


Susan said...

Love your work - going to forward a couple samples to my friend so she can sign up (I use our website to create and mail cards of encouragement) but noticed a few typos - should be "you're" (as in you are) not "your" - could you let me know when you fix them so I can copy it into my card? Again, thank you - love your work and I'm so glad you are human, makes your work better.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

we like,TRUE FRIEND n this for our dr friends<<

Anonymous said...

If you're being an ass instead of your. Yes, I am being an ass but I had to do this.

Anonymous said...

if YOU'RE rich or poor, if YOU'RE being an ass......

This is the 3 one tonight I've come across that I would love to share, but I'm one of those snobby types who hates the butchering of the English language.

Anonymous said...

If it included family also, it would be perfect! People may be suprised of how MANY family members could care less!

Unknown said...

*you're...please...if you're going to the trouble of creating it, please use the correct word. Please.

Anonymous said...

you are right there