Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lord, Thank You

Lord, i just wanted to say thank you for this life you have
blessed me with. It may not always be trouble free or a
life that is without challenges, but i am so thankful that it
is my life and with your help, it has moulded me into the
person i am today.

Lord, I Love You


Wade said...

Hello Dave, My name is Wade, I live in Phoenix Arizona USA. I wish to let you know how much I appreciate your stellar work on your web sites/Blogs.I subscribe to your " Words Of Wisdom " blog and share much of your input with my friends. l have 5 points of wisdom I learned from my Church, the Reunion Church is the only church I have ever been to that I wanted to go back too a second time.I've been a devoted member for almost 2 years now. These 5 points of wisdom are:
1) Love Openly
2) Forgive Quickly
3) Give Freely
4) Speak Truthfully
5) Pray Faithfully
I find great solice in these words and although I could not ever profess to following these points of wisdom truly and 100% of the time, I do find them to be an excellent system of values that could benefit any of us if we keep them in mind. Thank you for your excellent ministry of positive, up lifting words......Wade

Anonymous said...

Do your services, come on DVD/CDs Wade?