Thursday, February 27, 2014

Brothers & Sisters

If you have a brother or sister
you love with all your heart.

This is just for you.


There is a reason they are called
i could try to explain it but until you
have one, you could never understand
just how grand they are or how grand
they make you feel.

Shared with the permission of the amazing Jane Craft.
FB/Mountain Wisdom

Knocking Me Down Is Easy

Knocking me down is the easy part.

If you want to keep me there,
trust me, you will need some

My Daughter

My Daughter.

I look at you and I do not see the passage
of time. I see my little girl playing dress up,
running through the yard, playing on a swing.
I will try and respect the fact that you are
older now and the decisions you will make
are your own, but you must understand that
to me, you will always be my little girl.
I may not be able to carry you in my arms
anymore, but I will always carry you
in my heart.

Shared with the permission of the amazing Jane Craft.
FB/Mountain Wisdom

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Asked GOD

I asked God
how do I get the most out of my life.

God Replied

Face your past without regrets
Handle your present with confidence
and look to the future without fear!

Be Kind, Not Right

Sometimes it's more important to be kind
than to be right. Having an intelligent
mind that speaks is fine, but a loving heart
that listens will do more good.

Grandma Knows Everything

MUM knows a lot but
GRANDMA knows everything.

The Best Place In The World

The Best Place In The World

The best place in the world is in
the arms of someone you love.
Who will not only hold you at your
best, but will pick you up and hold
you tight in your weakest moments.

Share the love.
Never be afraid to show how
much someone means to you.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Real Friends Matter

As we go through life, we start to 
understand that it's not important 
to have lots of friends.

What truly matters is that we have 

real friends.

Put Your Needs First

If someone in your life makes you
unhappy more than they make you happy,
it doesn't matter how much you love them,
you must let them go.

Not because you no longer care, but
because you are finally putting your
own needs and happiness first.

I'm A Woman And Proud

I am a woman.

I am smart, I have opinions, I have feelings.
I care, I make a difference, I matter.

I'm a woman and I'm proud of who I am.

I'm A Proud Parent

I'm a Proud Parent.

I'm sharing this on my wall because
my children mean the world to me
and no matter what, I will always
love them and be proud of them.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Forgiving Others

It's hard but we need to forgive others,
not because  they deserve to be forgiven,
but because we deserve to have
peace in our lives

Be Selective In your Battles

Be selective in your battles because
sometimes peace is much better
than being right.

The Past Should Be Left In The Past

The past should be left in the past 
because it can destroy your future.

Live your life for what tomorrow has to 

offer, not what yesterday has taken away.

In Our Home

Our Home

In our home we are real. 
We have all made mistakes, and learned. 
We all say sorry, we forgive and give
second chances. 
We laugh, we have fun and we give each
other a hug when it's needed and 
most of all, we love
each other unconditionally. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

God Brings The Right People Into Your Life

Isn't it wonderful how God will bring
the right people into your life, just when
you need them. People who will love,
support, guide and pray for you,
regardless of the circumstances.

People Don't Always Need Advice

People don't always need advice.
Sometimes, all they need is a hand
to hold, an ear to listen and
a kind heart that cares.

Wave Them Goodbye

If someone in your life wont lift a finger
to even call you, come to see you or
spend time with you, it's time for you
to raise your hand and wave them
goodbye because life is just too short.

What Makes A Sister Special

Your sister is always the first female
friend you will have in your life.
Nobody will ever be able to understand
your craziness like your sister and although
you don't see each other as much as you'd like,
she will always remain your friend and be there
for you when you need her the most.
While people will come and go in your life,
your sister will be in your heart for a lifetime.
If you have a sister that you love with all
your heart, SHARE this on your wall.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Life Can Be A Long Road

Life can be a long road ahead without a plan,
a goal, a purpose - Something to aim for.

If you have something you believe in, something
that makes you happy, something that gives you purpose then no matter what, never let it go.

Follow your heart.
Take charge of your destiny
Enjoy the ride.

I Am Your Parent

I will hold you tight, support you,
guide you, teach you, hug you,
protect you and love you
with all my heart and soul.

I am your parent.

Since the day you were born and until
I draw my last breath, all that I am
is yours. I love you.

Just Remember, Life Goes On

You have to take the good with the bad,
smile when you're sad, love what you've
got and remember what you had.
Always forgive, never forget,
learn from mistakes, never have regret.
people change, things go wrong,
so just remember, life goes on.

Don't Chase People

Don't chase people.
Be yourself, do your own thing
and work hard.
The right people ~ the ones who really
belong in your life ~ will some to you
and stay.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

To My Fellow Nuts

Mental Hospital - To all my fellow nuts.

I just realized.. We sit & stare at a screen.. 
We talk to ourselves. We have imaginary 
friends, zoos, farms, cities, & fake animals..

We cook imaginary food in imaginary 
bakeries. We play bingo that gives no 
money. We poke people & think its OK..

We even write on walls.. Think about it..

Facebook is a mental hospital 
& we are all it's patients.

Hit like & Feel free to share this.. 
I just did! Party in my ward later..

Choose your words carefully in front of children.

What should not be heard by little ears
should not be spoken by bug mouths.

Choose your words carefully
in front of children.

I Like What I See So I Post It.

Just because I post it, doesn't mean
I'm going through it and it doesn't
mean that it's directed at anyone.

Maybe it's just that I like what I read
or what I see so I share it.

I am human!

An Original Is Always Worth More

Just Be Yourself and remind
yourself every day....
An original is always worth more
than a copy.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Amazing Friends

For my Amazing Friends



Just picking up the phone and calling them
can make them happy for the rest of the day.

They didn't leave you when you were young
so don't forget them now they are old.

My Son

My Son.

To my son, I love you so,
you are so special, I hope you know.

With every day that passes by,
you're more the twinkle, in my eye.

So loving, so giving, a heart of gold,
always my baby, even when I'm old.

Your love shines through, for all to see,
I feel so proud, you are a part of me.

I Miss Being A Kid

Sometimes I really miss being a kid.
No stress, No worries,
just a smile on my face and simply
enjoying my life.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Past, The Future

The past is where we learn
the hard lessons in life.
The future is where we apply
what those lessons taught us.

My Friend

No matter what, I'm here.

Have A Great Day

I just wanted to wish
Health, Wealth & Happiness
to all my friends.

Have a great day.


FRIENDSHIP isn't about who you have
known the longest. It isn't about who
you have shared the most secrets with.
It isn't who you have done the most
favours for.
It's about who came for you when you
needed them and who stayed by your side
when you needed them the most.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Thank You

Today is just another day, nothing special
going on, 
but I just wanted to say thank you
to the special people in my life,
my family and friends who bless me each
and every day by being a part of my life. 

I'm sharing this to tell you all that It just
be the same without you.

Thank you

If You Have A Wonderful Man

If you have a wonderful man who is
your whole world, who isn't perfect,
but perfect for you, who works hard and
would do anything for you.
Who treats you with respect and dignity.
Who makes you laugh, who is your best
friend and sometimes your only friend,
who you want to grow old with
(if you don't kill him first)
who you are thankful for everyday,
then feel free to share this as your status.

Complete Trust

When you completely trust another
person, you will end up with one of
two outcomes.
A friend for life of a lesson for life.
Both, regardless of the outcome,
are valuable.

Cancer - We Will Find A Cure

Supporting those who are fighting
cancer, those who have survived and
remembering those we have lost.

We will find a cure.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

When The Day Is Over

When the day is over,
the night will come,
That day will be gone,
what's done is done,
Enjoy your dreams,
throughout the night,
and start a new morning
with a brand new light.

Time Changes Nothing

Death Changes Everything.
Time Changes Nothing.

I still miss the sound of your voice,
the wisdom in your advice, the stories
of your life and just being in your

So no, time changes nothing.

I still miss you just as much today as I
did the day you died. I just miss you.

True To Yourself

Stay True To Yourself.

Because there are very few people
in your life who will be true to you.

Never compromise who you are.

Biggest Mistakes I've Made

One of the biggest mistakes I'v made
in my life is allowing certain people to
stay in my life longer than they ever
deserved to be in it.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Being Honest

Being honest may not get you a
lot of friends, but it will make sure you
have the right ones around you.

What Will You Focus On?

Art the end of the day you can
focus on what's tearing you apart
or whats holding you together,