Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Have Made Mistakes And Felt Pain

In life, I have made a lot of mistakes
and felt a lot of pain.

My pain made me stronger and
my mistakes made me wiser.


Anonymous said...

It hurts like someone kick u in the Stomach. But it has made me Strong cause GOD SAID there are someone else out there for u. So DON'T GIVE UP I will show u when the TIME is right. Give everything to Jesus CHRIST He WILL take CARE OF it . BE BLESSED ALWAYS!!! .

Anonymous said...

I pray to the lord everyday..if he was not there when i needed him the most..the 3 wiches from new south would have won..and i would not be here today..the old model died and came back bigger..better..and stronger..and wiser..but let me tell you one thing..i have some unfinished love to day i will prove my love..had to stop dead before..not anymore once my true love is in my arms..people will be jealous..i'll show em..amen

#butstill waiting said...

Amen to that.