Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our Angel's In Heaven

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is heartbreaking.

If someone close to your heart passes away, don't think of it as a loss.
They are now an angel watching over you from heaven above,
giving you love, strength and the will to carry on.

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Roberthussy said...

Our Angels In Heaven was formed by two grieving mothers, Carol Bradshaw and Chrissy Burbank with the support of Guy Morall, due to the tragic deaths of Carol's fiance Bill Soper and six-year-old son Cody Gratton-Bradshaw, and Chrissy Burbank's loss of her eleven-year-old daughter Tina Burbank.


laura said...

My Angel is in heaven My Son. Drew Montanez passed away going on. 5 yrs next Month!

Anonymous said...

My three angels are my two daughters Taeya and Tényia and their dad Jarvis Ross who all died In a tragic car wreck In 2002. They are my angels watching from the heavens above

Anonymous said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you,god bless xxxx

Anonymous said...

My daughter is in heaven and she is having the best time ever. No pain, no one is bullying her, no tears, not a single mean word is ever said to her. It's been almost 20 years and I still miss her, but I'm getting older so soon and very soon I'll be with her again. What a wonderful plan our Heavenly Father put in place - not very long now and we will all have eternity together. This is good news to me!

Audrey said...

So sorry for their losses. My Angels in Heaven are my son-in-law jamie who was taken on 7-7-04, at the age of 28, my grandson Josh taken 9-25-09 at age 19, my son Joe taken 7-10-11 at age 30, my daughter Brenda 9-5-12 at age 42 she was Josh's mother.
God Bless all of you that are grieving........

Anonymous said...

i lost my mom she is my angel now mom i miss u and love u so much my birthday is in 2 days and it will be the frist one in 41 yrs with out u send me a birthday day wish from heaven my mother catherine marie catron gone but not forgotton

Anonymous said...

My recent loss was my oldest sister Gayle Kreiser ,shes with my mom and mother in law in heaven. God bless Lynn

Anonymous said...

I would like to speak remembrance and Love for some of my other family members that have passed threw those pearly gates. Dad you know I love you and miss you very much.Mom an angel you will always be .To my sons mother we love you ,its nice to be out of your pain. Lori thank you for my son. Kim with love. Ma ma thank you for your blessings both of them.We miss you all.

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