Saturday, February 23, 2013

Knocking Me Down Is Easy.

Knocking me down is the easy part.
If you want to keep me there, trust me,
you will need some backup!


Anonymous said...

I agree with the statement, but in America people who put people down hang in groups, and if you stand up to them, the group will lie and get you fired or run out of the neighborhood. When I was young a person, you could punch the person in the nose if they wouldn't leave you alone, now you go to jail for assault. People are expected to put up with verbal assaults. No wonder there is mental illness growing in America. Sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this happens here in England aswell. It is always good to have great friends they wi pick you up amd dust you off and will always make you feel that your worth something. All I can say is ignore the ignorant and brace upur friends

Anonymous said...

I am from the UK and live in the US, and yes it doesn't matter where you are there is always someone willing to take take you down. However you make the choice to stay down. When you're down there is only one to go and that is up. You choose how far up you want to go to prove these animals how much above them you are.....don't let spite and bullying hold you back......there is always a way out.....surround yourself with those who love you and support you.

Anonymous said...

Our family will always be strong against people that lie.
Because liers always have to remember their lines,then trip up...

Unknown said...

Howzit from RSA, things happen like the second part in this is how you fight back what truly matter, have yourself a nice sunny day!

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