Monday, February 25, 2013

I Am A Woman

I am a woman.
I am smart, I have opinions, I have feelings,
I care, I make a difference, I matter.

I am a woman and I am proud of who I am.


Anonymous said...

I am.... why do you some are you guys feelike you just have to steal from & subjugate the accomplished women that you meet.... like that asshole Shawn Holmes who stole 12,000 dollars form me to buy a motorcycle and then ran away and refused to talk to me for 2 years.

Anonymous said...

I may not be proud of who I am but I am proud of who God is and what he can do..he will guide us in the right direction...I will trust in him only.

Anonymous said...

God created shit ya

Anonymous said...

No all god has done is fuck all he is bad luck to me and always has been and god doesnt make us who u r we bring it on our selfs ok I hate people who. Believes he makes things better i gave up on god when he took my daughter away from me then my nan and my grandad all in the same yr and I lost 2 more babies so all god does is courses pain loss greeth ok

Anonymous said...

But would if God didnt hve anything to do with ur losses? (God gives life). Im soooo sorry for ur losses but if ur gonna spend ur life made at God just make sure he's the one to blame.

Anonymous said...

God is not bad luck, that is the devil playing on you wanting you to believe that way. My opinion is that everything happens for a reason and everyone has a plan in God's eyes. I could be mad at him and hate him, he took my Mom out of the blue and the day we were burying her my step brother got a phone call during the service and he waited till we were leaving to go to the graveside to tell my husband that my Dad had passed away the same time my Mom's service started. This was a very devastating event for me, for my Mom was my very best friend and I loved her dearly and my Dad had been living with cancer for awhile but he wasn't sick when he passed away. I feel like this has made me a stronger person in every aspect of my life when I wasn't before. I miss them every day and not a day goes by that I don't think of them, but I definitely don't hate God in any way, if anything He helped me through a very trying time in my life along with my family. Don't give in to the devil with that frame of mind for God loves you no matter what. Just food for thought.....

anna bertley said...

God gave us a life, one we should use with the intent that he hoped we would use it for.Use your mind,your brain,build a life as GOD expected,in goodness,with love.Anyone who has lost a loved one does not have the right to blame GOD,he gave you something special it's up to you to do as you should,build a life,you must learn how to be loving,caring not only for yourself but for and to others.Yes GOD has a plan for each and everyone of us now it's our job to learn what we should be doing with it.If you hurt others,if you can not help another human being you have already failed.You need to be strong and follow the word of GOD,hating anyone and most importantly hating GOD is a complete sin.Learn from your mistakes and your losses.I too lost a brother,a Dad soon my Mother,I blame nobody.I have a son whom i will never have the pleasure of seeing again,my husband and I are in our late 60's,our home that we pumped our blood sweat and tears into is now in foreclosure and we are in a fight of our lives to save to avoid living in shelters or worse yet on the streets,our lives have been filled with much pain and agony but neither of us blame anyone we try to learn from the causes and move on.If we can do it you can as well,all it takes is to believe pray and never stop asking GOD to show you the way it's up to you if you take the right road.We are here for examples,for others to learn off of us,timeto stop looking for places to blame and use your energy to look up to GOD for answers...BELIEVE!!!!!

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