Saturday, February 7, 2015

When someone you love dies.

When someone you love dies, it's just impossible to ignore the sadness and hurt you will feel inside. It's devastating. A part of you dies too. Time will make things easier but that sadness and hurt will always be there because they gave you so many good things to remember in your life, you miss them and you really loved them. 
~ by Dave Hedges


  1. This is so sad yet so true. I lost my only brother suddenly 10yrs ago and still feel the pain every day!! We had only been reunited for 6yrs after over 25yrs of separation due to being split up in the care system We had shared a traumatic & horrendous childhood together but shared such a close & unbreakable bond until his untimely death at age 44yrs. Will always love & miss you Pip xx

  2. My loss was beyond belief, my son was only 17 years old! Children are supposed to outlive their parents. I miss him every day! He was a gift, and I shall forevor be grateful I had those 17 years.

  3. I lost suddenly my husband of 12yrs do to cancer in matter of 6wks he left peaceful.But pain I carry everyday in silent cause I miss him so much at time more than I can handle so burst out crying hiding out so my family won't worry about me..atil end of never (Manny)..

  4. I lost My Only Son(It seems like it was just Yesterday)to murder 2wks.after His"29th"Birthday.There is Not a Day that goes by that I Don't think of Him.It's the Worst thing a Mother has to go through,There is Nothing Worse then Losing a Child!! It should have been Me"The Way It's Supposed To Be"You Should NEVER Have to Bury your Child,He Should have been Burying Me.If you lose one of Your Children,They take 1/2of your Heart,Life is Never the Same and Never Will Be......I can't wait until I join Him in Heaven,Although, I know he's with his Grandparents,Uncle,Cousins,Friends and the Lord
    I think I really believe in"He Takes the Better One's,and The Only way I except this is
    "We are Our Lords Garden,and He Picks The FLOWERS He Wants!"...I Love And Miss You My Son More Than You Would Understand......

    1. My ❤goes out to you" I was angry when i lost my brother he was the youngest of 8 its been 26 years since he was taken from us. I didnt understand why him why us, Intill i came across "GOD GARDEN" I ask God to forgive me..after i read this it helpme understand and tbis is what i believe..

  5. I lost my mom on 27 June 2017 and it hurts so bad and miss her so much it's so hard to cope

  6. i lost my son age of 27 five years ago the hurt will never go away i miss him so much very hard not having him around

  7. this is how i'm feeling just now. i've lost the love of my life of 31 yrs. last August. my heart is so broken. there is not a second i dont think about him. i cry, i scream but it doesnt bring him back.

  8. I lost my only son in Nov.24,2015 and i miss him so much.He is the perfect son for us .I still cry a lot,i know he is now in heaven and i'm just waiting for my time to reunite with him.

  9. I lost my son suddenly nearly 2 years ago.Not a day goes by that I don't think of him.He was in his condo for 4 days before he was found.I should have been there with him.He was my child

  10. I lost the love of my life 6 weeks ago. It was also sudden. There are no words to describe the pain in my heart,in my mind, in my being.where are we supposed to go from here? I know forward but where's that how do you get there? People say to you day at a time, I'm down to the next hour at times. But somehow, some way, it's got to get better. Thanks for letting me share...

    1. It's often only one moment at a time. Search for the Grief Share program in your area. This has been a lifeline for me.🦋🙏

  11. The Loss is never gone.... time doesn't fix loss. Losing someone is the hardest thing you will ever go through. Over time you don't miss them less, you miss them differently.

  12. i lost my beautiful Dad a month ago and i miss him dearly but i know he is safe with our Lord Jesus. i pray everyday for peace and comfort. My Dad was the most humblest person and worked so hard for us to give us a better life. Thank you Lord for blessing us with the best Dad.

  13. Prayers for all of us I've had this happen. For me it happened twice 2010 and 2018 two sons of four boys. My question is has any of you had a dream that was real or a vision with them telling you they are okay please don't be sad heaven is beautiful? I apologize if this offends anyone deeply.

  14. I am having a rough time today. Rougher than most days and I just can't quit crying. I lost my husband of 48 years. on July 19, 2018 and then my Mom, August 20, 2018. Been trying to figure out a way to keep my home. I miss my husband so much but he had been ill for some time. My Mom died in her sleep, peacefully, in our home. She was 89 and my husband was 75. My heart is hurting so bad. Prayers for anyone who has lost a loved one. I don't know how people do it and keep going.

  15. What can I say that everyone else hasn't already. I loss my only son Dec 24th 2018 . He was 25 years old . I tried to save him by doing CPR but in the end He still passed away. Every day is hard . He still lived with me . It just unbelievable that he isnt coming back home he never is going to walk through the door again and say Moma I'm home. People say I spend to much time at his grave . I can't help it. I have to go almost every day and if I don't go i feel guilty for not going . I have never been away from my son longer than 28 days at a time since he worked on a boat on the Ohio river. It's almost been 3 months and I'm waiting for him to come through the door and yet knowing he won't ever again breaks my heart .This life i live now is very hard without him in it . I thank God he let me have him for those 25 years best years of my life hands down. I love you baby and miss every moment of every day . I pray it won't be to long before I see his beautiful smile or face again.

  16. I have loss my love on June 29th this year. Even though he wasn't well for the last 18 months it took me by surprise . I am sad , deeply sad , try to wrapped my mind with the fact that he's not here with me and for me no more. I believe and I know he's happy now for he is free from the pain he suffered for so long. Vast empty space he left crossing over seems so unrealistic . I love him dearly and miss him and I talk to him daily. Every day I wait for his good morning ... could hear his voice saying god morning to me . Some days are better then the others , I am thankful he gave me the best happy times I ever had.

  17. oh Amy, I just read your comment & my heart breaks a little more (if thats even poss)... I lost my 30yr old son on March 16th 2019, our bond was so special & the pain has no words. I go sit with my son too...��
    I can’t accept that he has left this world. I don’t know who I am anymore or which direction i’m heading...something left me the day I lost him & I know i’ll never be “me” ever again... feeling your pain, from a heartbroken mum to another xx

  18. I lost my mother in February. I sat alone by her bedside holding her hand as she took her final breaths. It was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. It's a pain like no other in this world to lose your mom. My heart is forever broken.

  19. I lost my first child fifty years ago. She lived one week. All replies have been much sooner dates but my child still took a part of my heart. God has her waiting for me

  20. I lost my dad 4 years ago and mum 5 days ago. Finding life so much harder without them both.

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