Monday, August 26, 2013

Don't Waste Time On Revenge

Don't waste time on seeking revenge,
just sit back and smile.

Those who hurt you will eventually
face their own Karma.


  1. I often wonder...if Karma returns this lifetime or if it does not get delivered this time around. It seems a lot of people who have damaged me seem to have a pretty good life with no emotional hurt...yet they hurt me...and not only emotionally.

    Not that revenge feels good but to be a good person and see bad people live a happier life than I have makes me wonder.....God are you really there?

    1. That's so true because I wonder the very same thing every day!

    2. Yes he's there!! But at the right moment all the time. So live life a.k.a sit back & SMILE. When time is right what eva gonna happen gon happen.

    3. This is all true,except the you must have Faith...Its a reason why your going through this,you have a testimony,and your story will be able to help someone else...Trust and believe you will end up with victory...Been through it all.And I thank the Lord for all that I to go through to get where I am now..God bless.

    4. yes, very true! so like! have been threw it.. victory is all! God bless.

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  3. *Don't
    *revenge... Just

  4. If only the whoever the poster is
    actually took this to heart..
    Rarely you find someone who actually will post this and actually live It.. the majority will post this then attempt to seek revenge anyways.. hate to say it but it's true..

  5. i agree always smile no revenge god is there watching one day some how u will find who hurting u getting hurt