Tuesday, August 12, 2014

NEVER Forget Those Who Are There For You.

You must never forget who was there for you
when nobody else was.



  2. Sharing! love your posts!

  3. You should never forget who was there for u and I won,t jusr as a will not forget those who were not when my husband was dying a lot of people assured me they wpuld make sure I was okay when he was gone and not many of them have it was thepeople he least expected and who he didn,t ask that have tried to keep me going

    1. I know what you mean, one of my husbands sons didn't even come to see him for a month until he went into the hospital and passed away 2 days later. He asked me "why doesn't he come see me, he knows I'm dying?" I said I don't know and he only lives a half mile away. And know they are saying things to everybody so they will hate me. They think they should be able to come into my house & pick out anything they want and just take it. 30 year relationships are even being destroyed by their visious lies. :( It's sad when people believe the liars!!

  4. Anonymous, pls don't judge those who weren't there. You may not know what they have going on in their lives, too! The world doesn't stop for us in any type of pain, precious one. You only are responsible for you thoughts & actions. Perhaps someone needed you at one time or another & you weren't able to be there for them & didn't even realize it, too. It doesn't mean you were selfish, or empathic, does it? It may just mean you were trying to keep your head above water, too. you are here, aren't you? Yes, your heart aches for your lost love, however, this is something all beings go thro' at one time or another, isn't it? Grief has no time limit, yet we keep on thro' the passage of time, 'cause that's just reality. Nit easy, but there it it. Blessings on you, anon. (Lil)

  5. that is so true.

  6. God is all the company anyone needs
    But he polite. You need to invite him in
    That's when you find him inside so always go within or you go without. !!!bby bee x