Saturday, August 16, 2014

Life Will Beat You Up A Lot

Life will beat you up a lot to be proud of each and every trial you came through. The physical and emotional scars of those trials are medals of bravery for not giving up.


  1. Life cannot beat anyone up but the mind can. What is life? It is the difference between a living body and a dead one. There is something missing from the dead body and that is life, it is lifeless, where did that life go, what is it, how come I am unaware of it? These questions we all ask at some point, the meaning of life. Fortunately it is possible to find an answer and it comes from within us all. Check

  2. When a impossible become a possible alot of the time it's asked why? Who? And when? What really needs to be said is "THANK YOU JESUS" He is the one and only way in a world that's glorified. Life with out Jesus Christ is like being broken. Nothing ever seems to go right. Life with Jesus Christ is unbelievable there is no words that will explain the world he wants to give us.