Tuesday, February 26, 2013

For Your Wonderful Man

If you have a wonderful man who is your whole world,
who isn't perfect, but perfect for you, who works hard
and would do anything for you. Who makes you laugh,
who is your best friend and sometimes your only friend,
who you want to grow old with (if you don't kill hum first)
who you are thankful for everyday,
then feel free to share this as your status.


  1. I had a wonderful man who meant the world to me he really is missed, he past away.

    1. Me too and I miss him so much, my best friend and life is so lonely...

  2. No one will ever take this man's place he was my best friend I miss our talks that we had many nights, I just was thinking about him the other day, I'm always thinking about him. I was looking at a picture that was given to me he is missed

  3. I have a wonderful man hes my love my friend i love him more then he will ever know

  4. Mike is the only man in my life. I love him with all of my heart I just wished He would believe it.

  5. Neil Is my One true love he is the best boyfriend ever and my first I fell in love with him from the first day i met him i will always love him forever I wish I could marry him He is my whole world I will never stop loving him sending you cuddles love and hugs